BIOST Seed Treatment Technology Platform


Albaugh has launched a new biological seed treatment platform that includes a broad portfolio of highly effective and proven biological seed treatments. The new BIOST® biological seed treatment platform will deliver a broad portfolio of biological seed treatments that have been tested to enhance performance and grower return on investment when combined with traditional synthetic seed treatment chemistries.

BIOST® Seed Treatment Technology Platform Portfolio

BIOST display

Albaugh is excited  about launching BIOST® to the seed treatment industry as the first complete biological seed treatment  platform.  At Albaugh, we are committed to delivering innovative seed treatment technology that demonstrates performance, user-friendly products priced to provide a good return on investment. The BIOST® platform of biological products will be used to enhance our current portfolio of synthetic chemistries and will raise the bar in seed treatment performance for our customers.

Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology defines success through robust relationships with our strategic partners. Our core business is focused on delivering unique and customized offers driven by product performance and value creation. Our highly experienced scientists continue to search for ways to enhance our product by creating unique combinations of traditional seed treatment chemistries with our innovative BIOST® biological technology platform of products.

The Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology Team is committed to bringing you a seed treatment solution that performs. Whether you're looking for a single active ingredient, complete seed treatment combination, a unique custom blend offer or an exclusive private label premix, the Albaugh Seed Treatment team is here for you and your customers.