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Dennis Albaugh

"Albaugh – Your Alternative" is the short way to describe what we are all about. We create and supply crop protection products used by farmers across the globe thereby making their farming operations more economical. We are ultimately helping produce and secure an affordable supply of food to help feed and support the population of the world.

Albaugh today is a global business, operating with a direct presence in key agricultural regions of the world including: North America, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe. From these locations we are also serving other markets such as Central America, South America and Africa. In each of our key regions, we operate manufacturing facilities which assure the quality and competitiveness of the products that we supply. We value the cooperation with our distributors and partners, as we operate very efficiently, with lean organizations throughout our company. Albaugh’s focus on efficiency is a critical business component and is embedded in the teams responsible for active ingredient sourcing, supply chain, production and sales support.

Today the ambitious goals, entrepreneurship, focus, persistence, and integrity  have never been stronger in our company culture. On behalf of all Albaugh colleagues, it is my pleasure to invite you to learn more about our company and how we strive to support farmers, distributors and partners by living up to our brand "Albaugh – Your Alternative".

Latest News

Albaugh Announces Departure of Cesar Parada

June 17, 2021
It is with great regret we announce the resignation of Cesar Parada from Agri Star Mexico. Cesar has been a loyal employee of the...
New Safety Record for Albaugh in 2020
January 4, 2021

Albaugh is committed to our Responsible Care initiatives which include designing and operating our facilities in a safe, secure, and environmentally sound manner.

Albaugh Acquires Prime Source Turf and Ornamental Business
December 23, 2020

Albaugh LLC, a global leader in manufacturing and supply of crop protection and specialty products announced today it has completed its acquisition of the assets of Prime Source from Excelsior Equity....

About Us

Albaugh is the global leader in the production and sale of post-patent crop protection products and is uniquely positioned to service farmers, distributors and partners in all our markets with a broad portfolio of high quality, competitively priced products. Success is achieved through Albaugh’s strategic focus areas:
  • High quality products trusted by farmers for decades
  • Outstanding customer service and reliability
  • Competitive sourcing and supply chain for key ingredients
  • Flexible and efficient manufacturing operations in all markets
  • Low cost sales and support structure ensuring long term competitiveness

The continued addition of new products to the portfolio and expansion into more segments will secure future strong growth benefitting the farmers, distributors and partners we serve around the world.

Core Product Portfolio

Albaugh supplies a broad portfolio of crop protection products to cover the many needs of farmers and other users globally. The core product portfolio is based on five key active ingredients produced in our own plants as well as numerous other active ingredients sourced from the most reliable suppliers globally.
  • Glyphosate The leading herbicide used globally for total non-selective weed control in no-till, burndown and in-crop applications in agriculture as well as many other applications in turf, ornamentals, forestry, land management and non-crop segments. Albaugh offers glyphosate in numerous formulations and mixtures in all our markets.
  • 2,4-D A well-established selective herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds in several crops such as cereals, corn and pasture, as well as in pre-plant burndown applications and in non-crop segments. Albaugh offers 2.4-D in numerous formulations and mixtures in all our markets.
  • Dicamba A key post-emergence selective herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds in numerous crops and in non-crop applications. Albaugh has been marketing dicamba in numerous formulations and mixtures in USA for many years and is now expanding our participation to our other markets.
  • Copper A traditional contact fungicide protecting numerous crops from important diseases. Albaugh offers many types of copper fungicides globally and in numerous formulations, including the unique HIBIO® technology offering increased bio-efficacy at lower rates.
  • Atrazine A traditional broadleaf herbicide primarily used in corn and no-till burndown applications. Albaugh is marketing atrazine only in the Mercosur countries of South America.
  • Other Products Albaugh is marketing a wide portfolio of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed treatment products, plant growth regulators, specialty products, and biological products.

Please refer to the regional site for each market for more information on the specific product portfolios offered in that region.


Global Executive Committee

 Albaugh is operated according to a global matrix organization. Each Market has full responsibility for execution of all local activities and for results. The group leadership functions are responsible for setting policies and priorities and for coordinating across the Markets.
  • Kurt Kaalund Kurt Pedersen Kaalund Group Chief Executive Officer Kurt was appointed as CEO of Albaugh in 2014. Before joining Albaugh, Kurt worked for Cheminova for 24 years, the last 5 of which as the CEO. Kurt holds a Master’s degree in Strategy & Marketing and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Economics from Aarhus University.

  • Stuart Feldstein Stuart Feldstein Executive VP and Deputy Chief Executive Officer Stuart was appointed Executive Vice President of Albaugh in 2014 and Deputy CEO in 2019 after serving in several other positions within Albaugh since 1996. Stuart’s function covers executive management support including M&A, human resource management, strategic registration asset management, intellectual property management, and special projects, as well as the legal and company secretary responsibilities. Stuart previously practiced law in Des Moines, Iowa including in matters regarding FIFRA and state pesticide laws. Stuart has Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Chicago

Market Presidents

  • Spencer Vance Spencer Vance President, North America Spencer began his career as Territory Manager and National Phenoxy Accounts Manager at Dow Chemical, moving to Albaugh in 1992 as National Sales Manager. Spencer received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science and Agricultural Education from the University of Nebraska. Spencer has served as President, North America since 2000.
  • Cesar Rojas Henrique Falquiero
    President, Argentina On January 1, 2021 Henrique was appointed to  President, Argentina. Henrique has previously held the role as Supply Chain Director of Albaugh Argentina and Supply Chain Director for Albaugh Agro Brasil. Henrique also has years of experience in companies such as Monsanto and FMC.  Henrique has a degree in Industrial Engineering, and a Master's degree in Management and Supply Chain. 
  • Cesar Rojas Cesar Rojas
    President, Brazil Cesar joined Albaugh as the President, Argentina in November 2016. Cesar has 25 years of experience as General Director and President in various agchem roles in Latin America. Cesar has a Bachelor's degree in Agronomy Engineering and has completed post-graduate studies in business administration from INSEAD. In April 2019 Cesar was appointed to also oversee operations in Brazil. 
  • Pablo Diaz Toledo Julian Montes
    President, Mexico  Julian has more than 13 years of experience in the Mexican and LATAM markets in various strategic, commercial, marketing and management roles. Most recently serving as the Managing Director of Valent (A Sumitomo Chemical Company), in Mexico.  Julian has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, holds an MBA from Duke University, a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, and has completed executive studies in general management at IPADE. 
  • Stephen Karl Stephen Karl President, Europe Stephen was appointed President, Europe in 2019 and joined us from UPL/Arysta. Stephen  has various agricultural experience including managing a large industrial farm, oilseed crush & biodiesel facilities and grain trading. Stephen has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Boston University.

Group Functions

  • Douglas Kaye Douglas Kaye (DAK) Chief Commercial Officer Dak, was appointed to CCO in 2019, and in this role is responsible for the commercial activities and the leadership of the 5 Market Presidents. Dak joined Albaugh in 2011 as the CFO for Europe and succeeded to the position of President, Europe in 2012. Before joining Albaugh Dak served as the CFO of Alligare. Dak holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a Master of Science degree in Accountancy from Auburn University.
  • Russell Browning Jens Thorsen Chief Marketing OfficerJens, CMO, is the head of the Group Marketing function which includes New Product Development and Proprietary Products. Joining Albaugh in 2019, Jens previously worked in various marketing and commercial positions with Cheminova for 17 years. As CMO, Jens will be responsible for business development, product portfolio management, marketing intelligence, registration and data development, and the addition of innovative products to the portfolio.
  • Todd Figley Russell Browning Chief Operations Officer Russell, COO, is responsible for planning, sourcing, procurement, logistics, and supply intelligence and analysis. Russell held procurement-related roles in Griffin LLC and Micro Flo Company before joining the Albaugh team in 2003. Russell has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Valdosta State University.
  • John Froehlich John Froehlich Chief Technology Officer John was appointed CTO in 2019. In this role John’s responsibilities include production, formulation & packaging, manufacturing technology, synthesis process & formulation development, & EHS&Q. Prior to this appointment John held several other roles within Albaugh, including manager of Albaugh's plant in St. Joseph, Missouri and, since 2014, Vice President, Production. Before joining Albaugh John led production activities at Nalco Company, ConAgra Foods and FMC Agricultural Products Group. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Nebraska.
  • John Froehlich Todd Figley Chief Financial Officer Todd was appointed CFO in 2019 after having served in leadership roles in accounting and finance for Albaugh since 1998 including the position of Vice President, Finance since 2014. Todd's responsibilities include oversight of all accounting, analysis & reporting, finance, treasury & tax, and IT & BI Systems for Albaugh. Todd previously worked for Deloitt & Touche LLP from 1990-1998 in public accounting. Todd has a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Iowa State University. 


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