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15 gal, 30 gal, NR 265, bulk

AmpliFYR® is a proprietary seed treatment for row crops that increases seedling root and shoot growth, improves seedling vigor, and crop establishment.  As a result, the use of AmpliFYR may lead to a more consistent, uniform crop which has the potential for enhanced ability to tolerate abiotic stress and higher crop yields by increasing root development and promoting stronger early growth and plant establishment.

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  • The first and only biochar extract designed and developed specifically for use as a seed treatment.
  • Contains a unique group of highly active compounds in a concentrated, yet compatible, formulation that can be applied to seed at very low use rates.
  • Trial results have shown an increase in seedling growth, above and below ground, leading to better crop establishment and higher yield potential.
  • Water-based formulation with observed compatibility in commercial seed treatment formulations designed to be mixed in water.
  • Carries a 100% USDA bio-based certification and is OMRI listed.
  • AmpliFYR is a trademark used under license agreement by Albaugh, LLC.