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A History of Excellence. The Future of Growth. 

Albaugh Chemical Corp. is incorporated in Iowa


Acquires St. Joseph, Missouri facility from Agrolinz


Obtains EPA technical registration of post-patent glyphosate


North America business expands into Canada with the purchase of AgWest ULC and after restructuring, launches AgriStar Canada ULC two years later


Implements new global organization Nutrichem USA invests 20% of equity of Albaugh


Acquires Rotam, adding products, manufacturing and commercial capabilities in China, the Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America


Product Registrations
Top 0
Global Crop Protection Company
Global Employees

For us, it’s all about how you grow.

As the global leader in the production and sale of post-patent crop protection products, we are uniquely positioned to service farmers, those in the turf and ornamental industry, distributors, and other partners with their growing needs. With a broad portfolio of high quality, competitively-priced products, the success of your growing operations are at the heart of everything we do.

How We Work For You

Identify Your Needs

Whether you've got specific disease pressure or tough-to-control weeds, we have high-quality, competitively priced solutions that are backed by world-class customer service.

Find Your Solution

Browse our products to find the exact solutions you need to address your challenges.

Work with an Albaugh Representative to Grow Better

Albaugh is strategically aligned with distribution and retail partners throughout the country. Our experienced sales teams are focused on providing the highest quality product solutions with unmatched customer service.

Innovating with Simplicity

We are the company that redefined the role of post-patent suppliers and put smarter business practices in the spotlight, delivering more flexibility and more choices to our customers.


  • Albaugh products are formulated with the same active ingredients and are developed to work in the same way as their brand-name counterparts. Our products are subject to the same stringent PMRA science-based evaluations, reviews, registrations, compliance and enforcement criteria to ensure their quality. Additionally, we manufacture many of our products in our own global facilities, so we can manage the quality control of our products from formulation and active ingredient sourcing, through manufacturing and packaging.

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