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Albaugh and EVOIA Sign Seed Treatment Supply Agreement

Ventura, Ca. — January 18, 2023 —EVOIA and Albaugh announced today an agreement to bring an innovative seed treatment solution to seed companies and farmers. Under the supply and distribution agreement, Albaugh’s experienced seed treatment team will now offer the new AmpliFYR product for their customers.  This innovative and proprietary seed treatment for row crops improves crop establishment, increases seedling root and shoot growth, and enhances the ability of the seedling to tolerate abiotic stress.

“We are excited to bring this patented liquid biochar extract technology to market with such a strong team as Albaugh,” said Juliette MacKay, EVOIA CEO. “EVOIA uses fire to convert sustainable raw biomass into plant-beneficial compounds, then transforms them into highly active, consistent biostimulants. This agreement is the first step in bringing the ecological benefits of fire to production agriculture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Both of our companies are focused on solutions for farmers that provide a high level of quality and performance, especially in the face of mounting challenges due to climate change. I’m excited to see how this introduction of new plant-beneficial compounds can change the landscape for climate-smart agriculture.”

“Albaugh is excited to partner with EVOIA to include AmpliFYR as part of our biological BIOST® Nature’s Science Platform,” said Chris Zita, Albaugh North American Director – Seed Treatment. “More and more of our customers are incorporating sustainable biological solutions into their seed treatment offerings,” he continued. “The proven performance of AmpliFYR in an easy-to-handle formulation allows Albaugh to add another high-quality, high-value offering to our growing portfolio, further demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering new, innovative products for our customers to use in their customized seed treatment offers.”

About EVOIA, Inc.

EVOIA is focused on bringing simple solutions inspired by nature to farmers. We bring the ecological benefits of fire to production agriculture in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our goal is to be an innovative leader in climate-smart agriculture resulting in a world where the growing population is sustained by profitable growers who use less resources. To learn more, visit


About Albaugh, LLC

Albaugh, LLC is a privately owned U.S. limited liability corporation, founded in 1979 by Dennis Albaugh. Headquartered in Ankeny, Ia., Albaugh is the largest supplier of post-patent crop protection products in the world with an ever-expanding portfolio of core crop protection products, seed treatment platform, and the Prime Source® line of specialty products. Albaugh is a global business, operating world-class, multi-functional plants supporting in key regions of the world including North America, Mexico/LATAM North, Brazil/Paraguay, Argentina/LATAM South, Europe/MEA and China/Asia/Pacific. To learn more, visit