Seed Treatment

A Message from our Director of Sales

Albaugh's Seed Treatment business is a specialized dedicated team comprised of individuals that have a collective experience of over 120 years in the seed treatment industry. We understand and appreciate the complexity of the seed treatment market and we work hard to focus on the customer to help deliver solutions to their own set of challenges and opportunities. Our goal is to combine our seed treatment experience with an ever expanding portfolio of innovative products to deliver customized solutions to each customer.

We have made a commitment and investment into research and development from our Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology Lab in Mississippi, to our extensive field testing program that covers over twenty-five states. Recognizing that the seed treatment market is a very competitive industry, we at Albaugh are driven to demonstrate that our product portfolio is "field-tested" with multi-year yield data points that demonstrate a positive return-on-investment. We aspire to deliver to the seed treatment market a combination of product quality with field performance at a competitive price.

The Albaugh seed treatment team defines success through a robust relationship with our strategic partners. Our core business is focused on delivering unique and customized offers through product performance and value creation. Our highly experienced chemists continue to search for ways to enhance our product by creating unique combinations of traditional seed treatment chemistries with our innovative BIOST® biological technology platform. The Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology Team is committed to bringing you a seed treatment solution that performs. Whether you're looking for a single active ingredient, complete seed treatment solution, a unique custom blend offer or an exclusive private label premix, the Albaugh Seed Treatment team is here for you and your customers.

Seed Treatment Team

  • Chris Zita Director,  Seed Treatments 541-215-5063 Email
  • Jay Stroh Seed Treatment Key Account Manager218-405-0875 Email
  • David L. Winston Seed Treatment Key Account Manager515-240-3147 Email
  • Ed Driskill Seed Treatment Key Account Manager208-874-7960 Email
  • Lee Stewart Seed Treatment Key Account Manager770-315-3985 Email
  • David H Long, Ph.D. Seed Treatment Technical Manager662-420-0163 Email