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Albaugh "Innovation" Makes Old Chemistry New Again

Copper has been used successfully in Agriculture for many years

Today not all copper offers are created equal

Copper has been used in agriculture to control fungal and bacterial diseases since the mid to late 1800’s. Copper still provides growers with a very strong management tool today, but things have changed. As you can imagine there have been great advancements in copper formulations and grapesAlbaugh has lead that charge with introductions of a new HiBIO formulation of copper. The HiBIO technology delivers higher Bio-availability of copper ions, improved crop safety in superior quality and formulations

Making a commitment to the industry

Albaugh made a commitment to the agricultural industry many years ago to support and drive a robust copper portfolio and they are still delivering on that promise today. Albaugh’s current copper portfolio is one of the most broad and robust with offers to help address growers and the industry needs.  The focus by Albaugh is to provide a copper portfolio that is driven by innovation, performance and value.

Albaugh HiBIO technology delivers advancements in Copper offers with enhanced performance and value

HiBIO Technology leads the industry

The newest HiBIO copper offers to be added to the expansive Albaugh portfolio include  NuCop®  30HB and  NuCop®  XLR. These two new formulations will help address the needs in the industry with a dry and liquid option both developed with the HiBIO technology.

Providing copper tools to growers and the industry

Tools in the grower’s tool box are important to help the grower manage and run an efficient operation. This is true for the tools in the industries tool box for managing and addressing pests in crops as well. Copper products and specifically copper with HiBIO technology can help growers address and manage key diseases in their crops.

The new NuCop® 30 HB provides the industry with an OMRI certified formulation with a warning label

HiBIO technology has proven performance and has been tested with key university researchers and independent consultants. The use of HiBIO technology early in the disease and bacteria management cycle helps build a solid best management platform for season long control of key diseases in crops like walnuts and almonds.

With HiBIO technology Albaugh delivers innovation which is the backbone of their broad and robust copper portfolio.