Cotton Seed Treatments

Cotton farmers have a broad-spectrum of insects and fungal diseases that can attack, and in some cases, wipe out their fields. The very best insurance a farmer can buy to protect their seed investment is a proven seed treatment. In fact, there is no replacement for a validated seed treatment to protect against insects or seed and soil-borne fungi that guarantee healthy roots and consistent, vigorous seedling emergence. Albaugh offers cotton farmers a breadth of seed treatment choices that work together to protect their crop against insects and diseases in their specific region. Tested in cotton fields by universities and consultants, Albaugh cotton seed treatment combinations result in performance, increased yields and greater profits for growers.

Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology defines success through robust relationships with our strategic partners. Our core business is focused on delivering unique and customized offers driven by product performance and value creation. Our highly experienced team continues to search for ways to enhance our portfolio by creating unique combinations of traditional seed treatment chemistries with our innovative technology platform of products. The Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology Team is committed to bringing you a seed treatment solution that performs. Whether you're looking for a single active ingredient, complete seed treatment, a unique custom blend offer or an exclusive private label premix, the Albaugh Seed Treatment team is here for you and your customers.

Albaugh Cotton Seed Treatment Offers

Azoxystrobin 100 ST
Azoxystrobin 100 ST is a broad spectrum, preventative seed treatment fungicide with systemic properties. Azoxystrobin is recommended for the control of major seed-borne and soil-borne diseases including Rhizoctonia spp., Penicillium spp., seedling damping off and Pythium spp.  This proven fungicide seed treatment helps protect the seed investment by protecting the roots leaving them disease free, robust and able to uptake nutrients and water. Healthy roots mean healthy harvests and profits.

Difenoconazole 3L ST
Difenoconazole 3L ST is a broad spectrum systemic seed applied fungicide that offers protection against a number of seed borne and soil borne diseases including, Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, Seed Rots and dwarf bunt (TCK Smut).

Fludioxonil 4L ST
Fludioxonil 4L ST is a broad spectrum seed applied fungicide with a broad crop label that contains 4 lbs of Fludioxonil per gallon of formulated product. Fludioxonil 4L ST protects the seed and seedling from early-season Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, and Helmithosporium.

Metalaxyl 4.0 ST
Metalaxyl 4.0 ST is a systemic seed applied fungicide with a broad crop label that contains 4 lbs of Metalaxyl per gallon of formulated product for commercial use. Metalaxyl 4.0 ST protects the seed and seedling from early-season Downy Mildew, Pythium suppression and Phytopthora suppression.

Metalaxyl 265 ST
Metalaxyl 265 ST is a systemic seed applied fungicide with a broad crop label that contains 2.65 lbs of Metalaxyl per gallon of formulated product for commercial use. Metalaxyl 4.0 ST protects the seed and seedling from early-season Downy Mildew, Pythium suppression and Phytopthora suppression.

Myclobutanil 240 ST
Myclobutanil 240 ST is registered for use a cotton seed treatment to protect against sore shin (Rhizoctonia colani) and black root tor (Thielaviopsis basicola) which impairs good cotton seed germination and seedling development.

Cotton Insecticide Offers

Our Premium Cotton Seed Treatment is fueled by Resonate seed treatment insecticide, an industry leading low dust-off imidacloprid formulation, and BIOST® Insecticide. These active ingredients coupled with improved root development promoted by BIOST® VPH, leads to reliable thrips and aphid protection via a seed treatment.

Resonate 600 ST

When you apply fungicide & insecticide seed treatments to your seed you expect it to be there when the seed and seedling need it. Resonate™ 600 ST insecticide is driven by a new innovative formulation that reduces seed treatment dust off.  Developing a new formulation for an insecticide that reduces dust off and provides improved characteristics that enhance stewardship is very exciting from a chemistry and formulation perspective because it adds value for those who treat it as well as those who plant it.

  • New “patent pending” formulation technology
  • Reduced dust-off from seed treat application
  • Enhanced Custom Blend Stability & Compatibility
  • Consistent broad-spectrum performance & protection

Graph Resonate

Cotton Nematicide Offer

BIOST Nematicide 100

Cotton farming is not what it used to be.  But in some instances, it is. Nematodes, for example, are not pests that move rapidly unless transported by equipment. So, while the presence of nematodes in cotton fields has not necessarily increased, the incidence of nematodes being properly identified has. So many times through the years yellowing, stunting and serious yield loss in cotton has been incorrectly attributed to other pests, nutrient deficiencies and environmental conditions.

Today, cotton growers are more prepared and more well versed on the topic of nematodes and they have superior technologies like BIOST® Nematicide to proactively fight the fight. 

BIOST® Nematicide is part of the BIOST® platform, the only platform of biological seed treatments on the market.  It prepares cotton farmers to avoid the worst – crop devastation by root knot, reniform and other nematodes indigenous to cotton growing areas.  In addition, University Research confirms that BIOST® Nematicide significantly reduces and eggs and juveniles of Rootknot and Reniform nematodes.

The Albaugh premium nematicide, insecticide and fungicide cotton seed treatment is a superior combination of separately registered active ingredients for cotton protection that is powered by BIOST® Nematicide.  This premium cotton seed treatment includes several best-in-class fungicides, insecticides and a nematicide applied as a seed treatment to provide complete early season protection from common seedling diseases, thrips, aphids and nematodes.  It is superior, comprehensive protection from the moment the seed is planted.

BIOST® Nematicide

BIOST® Nematicide is part of the only platform of biological seed treatments on the market.  BIOST® Nematicide is an innovative broad-spectrum seed treatment nematicide with activity on eggs and juveniles of early season nematodes as well as soil dwelling insects in cotton.

It prepares cotton farmers to avoid the worst – crop devastation by root knot, reniform and other nematodes indigenous to cotton growing areas.  Unlike some pests, nematodes have been found in every cotton growing state.

What is BIOST® Nematicide 100?

  • It is a seed treatment nematicide that kills nematodes within 24 to 48 hours
  • BIOST® Nematicide is a BIO-Nematicide derived from heat-killed Burkholderia rinojenses and its spent fermentation media - non-living.
  • It is a nematicide with multiple modes of action via enzymes and toxins
  • It is a concentrated liquid formulation with 3 year shelf-life stability
  • Compatible with most fungicide/insecticide combinations
  • Use rate on cotton - 6.5 fl. Oz./cwt
  • It also provides additional protection on soil dwelling insects (wireworms/seed corn maggot)
  • OMRI certified product and does not require a closed system for treating
  • Supports sustainable agriculture initiatives

Albaugh's Premium Cotton Seed Treatment - powered by BIOST® Nematicide:

  • University and Grower test on multiple crops and nematodes
  • Multiple modes of action with broad spectrum of activity on cotton nematodes
  • Activity across multiple soil types... doesn't bind to organics like abamectin
  • Excellent seed safety - carry over for 2 years w/ good efficacy
  • Compatible with most seed treatment chemicals
  • Complements imidacloprid with proven bio-insecticidal activity
  • Caution Signal Word
  • Multiple sku sizes to fit your production
  • Limited risk to humans and treater applicators - No REI with seed treatment
  • Technology supported by science
  • University and grower tested

BIOST® Nematicide has broad spectrum activity

Columbia Lance
Named for its origin in Columbia, SC, this nematode thrives in sandy soils.  Over time, its presence has spread north and south of its origin.  Root feeding deteriorates vigorous roots but this nematode does not result in root galling.

Unlike other nematode species, reniform does not kill the cotton plant but can significantly diminish plant health and ultimate yield.  Reniform also is more evenly distributed in a field vs the “hot spots” caused by others.  It is most commonly found in soils with high clay or silt content.

Easily identifiable by galls they form on roots as the nematode grows inside of a root.  They exist in all soil types and are known for populating in “hot spots”.

Also known for causing “hot spots” in fields, sting nematodes favor very sandy soils in the southeastern US.

No matter what the nematode species, sampling is critical to avoid losing yield and profit.

In Research Trials conducted by Dr. Gus Lorenz (University of Arkansas), Albaugh’s Premium insecticide had comparable early season thrips protection and yield to Avicta Duo + Imidacloprid (2016) - 90% confidence

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