BIOST® VPH Seed Enhancement Protects Your Seed and Its Yield Potential


BIOST® VPH is a Bio-Stimulant seed treatment from a unique vegetal protein hydrolysate source that is hydrolyzed using a proprietary enzymatic process. BIOST® VPH is comprised of a unique & consistent ratio of peptides & amino acids that promote enhance healthy seedling.

BIOST® VPH Seed Treatment:

  • Provides a Bio-stimulant Response, Enhanced Nutritional Response & Abiotic Stress Reduction

  • Promotes faster and stronger emerging seedlings

  • Results in a positive yield increase when added to a fungicide and insecticide base seed treatment

BIOST® VPH Promotes:

BIOST® VPH 100 Promotes

Not All Amino Acids products are created the same.
The BIOST® VPH formulation is focused on using only plant derived amino acids in a rate and ratio that is beneficial when applied to all crops.

Importance and Functions of Amino Acids

  • Glutamic Acid - Stimulates plant growth and increases resistance to adverse climate conditions. It's necessary in large quantities as a precurser of new and other amino acids.
  • Serine and Valine - Improves the resistance resistance mechanisms of plants to adverse situations.
  • Lysine and Arginine - Active and essential in the stimulation of Photosynthesis.
  • Aspartic Acid - Important for it's intervention in many metabolic processes.
  • Methionine - Increases yield and quality
  • Tryptophan - Precurser for the synthesis of auxins

VPH Composition

BIOST® VPH is a consistent performer in three years of field data that demonstrates increased yields and profits.

Corn 3 Year Summary: BIOST® vs F&I Control

Corn Yield Comparison (bu/A)

Soybeans 3 Year Summary: BIOST® vs F&I Control

Corn Yield Comparison (bu/A)

Technical Data