BIOST Insecticide 100

BIOST® Insecticide provides growers with a second mode of action to enhance the performance of insecticide seed treatments for wireworms, corn rootworm, and seed corn maggot resulting in improved return on investment.

BIOST Insecticide 100

Cereal Seed Treatment Insecticides

BIOST® Insecticide performance on wireworms

Wireworm Yield Bu/Ac

Albaugh’s goal is to deliver performance and value against wireworms.

  1. Data is a summary of 4 wireworm sites in 2017 representing different wireworm microclimates – Pomeroy, WA, Rosalia, WA, Davenport WA and Bozeman, MT.
  2. Albaugh’s BIOST Insecticide 100 wireworm technology when combined with separately registered seed treatments Resonate® Insecticide and NipsIt Inside® Insecticide will provide the grower with 3 active ingredients and two modes of action against wireworms.
  3. Albaugh’s BIOST® Insecticide 100 provides a contact mode of action resulting in enhanced performance and wireworm mortality.