Albaugh Launches Resonate™ 600 ST a New Insecticide Seed Treatment Driven by An Innovative Formulation

Friday, November 18, 2016 in North America

Albaugh, LLC, a leading provider of crop protection products and seed treatment technology announced today they are launching a new insecticide brand for seed treatment applications. Resonate™ 600 ST is driven by a new innovative formulation that reduces seed treatment dust off.

Chris Zita, Albaugh, LLC Director of Seed Treatments, North America, commented, “We are excited abouting adding Resonate™ 600 ST to our seed treatment technology platform. One of the key drivers in our business is to deliver innovative solutions for growers and the seed treatment industry and we believe Resonate™ 600 ST does exactly that. We are confident, that this new insecticide brand will provide technology that reduces seed treatment dust off and enhanced end-user custom blend attributes .”

“Resonate™ 600 ST is the result of the focus and attention that Albaugh gives to listening to the customer,” stated John Moyer IV, Albaugh’s Director of R&D. “Delivering a new insecticide seed treatment brand with patent pending technology is a result of customer engagement and strategic collaboration. New and improved formulations are a key area of focus by Albaugh. Developing a new formulation for an insecticide that reduces dust off and provides improved characteristics that enhance stewardship is very exciting from a chemistry and formulation perspective because we are adding value to our customers.”

Albaugh seed treatment technology is about delivering new innovative solutions to the market which includes enhancing the products already in our portfolio. Resonate™ 600 ST will replace Macho® 600 ST for the 2017 spring treating season. “Resonate™ 600 ST provides impoved performance and value through innovative formulation development,” says Chris Zita. “Resonate™ 600 ST demonstrates our commitment to stewardship and is one of several new technologies Albaugh will be delivering to the market in the next twelve to twenty four months.

Albaugh will offer Resonate™ 600 ST for sale in the 1st Qtr of 2017.


Albaugh, LLC is the largest global privately-held producer of post-patent herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant-growth regulators. Albaugh has leading market positions in four of the most widely-used post-patent agrochemicals worldwide -- glyphosate, 2,4-D, atrazine and dicamba - with direct market presence in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Europe.”